Living a Chronically Healthy Life


Health and Longevity used to be just eating healthy and exercising


Nowadays we are Over-Stressed 

Stressed 24/7

Rising cost of living, declining economy  leads to fear of losing job or career, and finances.

Too much exercise

Doing too much physical exercise trying to lose weight, damaging our body faster than it can repair itself.

Not Enough Rest

Overconsumption of Negative news, social media and online streaming leads to less sleep and recovery of the body

And Under-Nourished

Food has less nutrients

Crops are over-farmed, reusing soil with chemical fertilizers growing the same crop, depleting minerals and nutrients.

Foods are more toxic

Crops are treated with pesticides and herbicides like Glyphosate that are toxic to our gut bacteria and can cause Chronic diseases

Foods are addictive

Ordering food online is easier than cooking at home. Take out food is loaded with additive sweeteners, bad oil that make you keep going back for more

It’s Time To Look and Feel Younger Again

Nourish your body with real food and nutrients that it craves, and turn back the clock to repair damaged cells and grow new stem cells, to not only feel younger but look younger too!


Chronically Healthy LIFE



Enhance your longevity, uplift your energy, feel great, and achieve in all areas of your life. Our Products can help:

  • Detox and nourish your body
  • Clear and renourish your mind
  • Boost your vitality and look and feel younger 
  • Feel happy and energetic
  • Achieve what matters most to you

We are not put on this world to just SURVIVE

We are meant to live our Lives and THRIVE!


Our bodies are not getting the nutrition that it needs at a cellular level. This will be the first step towards optimal health by supplementing your current diet and lifestyle with the highest grade Professional Athlete's trusted Nutritional supplements



The quality of food you eat equals the quality of life you live. The second step towards optimal health is cleansing the toxins and parasites out of your body and refueling with real organic Food.



Live to your full potential. Our bodies normally have the ability to create stem cells that can repair any cells that are damaged. Unfortunately stem cells decline as we age until now. You can now restore old stem cells and create new stem cells to not only stop aging but actually start aging backwards.



For optimal health and longevity, it's important to use Bio-hacking tools to help our bodies regenerate to boost our immune system and recovery after exercise or damage yo our body. This mat combines the latest in Bio-hacking techniques such as PEMF, Infrared and Redlight Therapy, Sauna and much more



Staying hydrated is essential not only for optimal health but survival also. The human body is made up of 50-70% of water. Unfortunately our home water supply may be contaminated with toxic chemicals, heavy metals and pesticides. This is the best Reverse osmosis water filter system to have the cleanest and healthiest drinking water at home


FOCO Skincare

Our skincare products are crafted with all-natural ingredients, free from harmful chemicals and preservatives. We prioritize purity and safety, ensuring your skin receives the gentle care it deserves, without compromise.


We Are the Foolish Couple

We call ourselves the Foolish Couple because we don't conform to the norm. We question everything, go against general beliefs, and take actions that actually work for us. 

We were both born on April's Fool's day in the same year and the same town. We met in our senior year of high school when both of us were jilted by our Valentine's Day dates. After we met it was like magic ever since.

Join us on a journey of self-love, vitality, and success.

"After struggling with chronic pain and weight gain for decades, Andy helped me lose weight and live pain free."

Jenny L

"For the last 10 years I suffered from back and knee pains and it was hard to get out of my chair when I sat down for long periods. Now I can effortlessly stand up with no assistance at all, I am so happy to have that spring in my step back.

Shirley K

"I love that I was able to eat real food while my body was eliminating the poisons that had been in my body for years. The lifestyle habits I learned over 90 days were easy to follow and powerful."

Michelle R