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Be the person who is forever young, healthy, and vibrant.


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This week we talk about the Importance of moving forward when SH#T happens and planning for the new year. We have Special Guest - Jennifer Keable/ Women's Success & Fulfillment Strategists


Aging is Inevitable...

But it doesn't mean you:

  • have to look and feel older than your age
  • will have problems losing weight
  • will have a lack of energy or sex drive
  • have sleeping problems
  • will take longer to recover from injuries
  • will feel frail and weak
  • will develop chronic pains or diseases


All Disease start in the gut. Get our free "Gut Matters" ebook to guide you towards optimal health


Just like you, we experienced premature aging...

But rather than accept that our doctors told us our health would continue to decline, and we will be dependent on medication for the rest of our lives, we decided to do something about it.You can too.

We believe in taking responsibility for our own lives – our health, our relationships, our finances, and our entire well-being.

We are dedicated to help you TRANSFORM all aspects of your life and BREAK THROUGH your limitations so that you can sustain a successful, balanced, fun, and fulfilling life.

The world needs YOU – and we are here to help you become the BEST VERSION OF YOU.


Are you tired of Looking and Feeling Older than your age

Re-activate your stem cells now to turn back the clock, to look younger, feel stronger and recover faster.

Reverse Your Age NOW



Just remember N.E.O.


Living a Chronically Healthy life starts with a clean slate. We look at your health history and blood labs to discover deficiencies. Then we help you figure out what you need to NOURISH your body with the proper nutrients for optimal health.

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Stepping it up a notch. Since our bodies store toxins from everything that we eat, such as pesticides, chemicals, heavy metals, and parasites, the next step is to ELIMINATE these toxins to allow your body to recover and absorb nourishing nutrients.


Just like a car that may need rebuilding after it has been used and abused, we need to OVERHAUL our bodies. We help you to repair and regenerate the organs and cells that have been damaged over the years. We help you re-activate STEM cells to help you repair damage and also help reverse aging.

Reverse Your AGE NOW

Aging is Inevitable...

  • Feeling weak and feeble
  • Lack of energy
  • Injuries that are slow to heal
  • Brain fog
  • Tossing and turning all night
  • Looking and feeling years older than you look
  • Living in pain and suffering
  • Depending on medication 
  • Watch life pass you by due to failing health
  •  Becoming a burden to your family


But Getting Old is Not!

  • Feel stronger and faster
  • Have more energy 
  • Recover faster
  • Have a sharper mind
  • Sleep like a baby
  • Feel and look years younger than your age
  • Live pain-free, drug-free, and stress-free
  • Embrace life, do what you want, when you want 
  • Be the rock your family can depend on

Working with Andy and Minna have absolutely changed the way I look at health and work life. It's like having my own personal Nutrition and Finance coaches on speed dial.



Working with Andy is both fun and challenging. He easily walks the delicate balance between not letting you get away with slacking 😋 and keeping things positive and motivating. He's is also a constant source of nutrition and other recovery insights. What I can say is that I feel fantastic after our session and am truly grateful for the time spent investing in my health and well being.


I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

Before I started my training with Andy, I was already working out regularly (4-5X a week), but was not seeing any change in physique. The way I understood nutrition was the way most people tended to think about nutrition - if I worked out more, then I could eat whatever I'd like to eat, or if I eat more protein I'll gain toned muscle. I thought I was eating healthy, but there were definitely areas I needed to improve.


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