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Longevity is not just about living a long time. It is about the quality of that life.

This show helps you boost your energy and health, improve clarity, boost productivity and efficiency, enhance the quality of your family and relationships, and discover how functional wellness can vitalize your entire life. When you are chronically healthy, you can do what you desire, travel to your heart’s desire. More vacation, less medication. 

  • Longevity
  • Independence
  • Family
  • Environment

All Diseases Start within the GUT-- HIPPOCRATES

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March 15th, 2024

Special Guest: Samantha Kaaua / Marriage Mindshift Coach

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Latest Episode 


S2 Ep27: March 8th, 2024 

Your Quest Towards Eternal Youth

  • Fun-tastic tips to level up your life and spread joy like confetti!
  • 10:08-14:52 Bio-Hacking Tip 52 - Your Everyday Squeeze May More Than Minty Fresh
  • 16:52-50: 15 Special guest-Andy Nam / Life Igniter
    • why most people are snoozing on fixing their health until it's practically nap time.
    • three magical steps  that'll have you hitting rewind on that aging clock and feeling younger than a spring chicken.

Previous Episodes


S2 Ep26: March 1st, 2024 

How to Discover Psychic Book Messages

  • We shed light on the mindset surrounding self-imposed stress.
  • What are the three lies we tell ourselves
  • 14:06-44:07 Special guest- Shoshanna French / Intuition Expert
    • guides us through the art of uncovering psychic messages from ordinary books
  • 44:08-47:37 Bio-Hacking Tip 51 - Got Any Uninvited Guests Your Gut?

S2 Ep25: February 16th, 2024 

Setting Your Own GPS for Success

  • We have Kristy Boyd Johnson hosting the show with special guest Juliet Clark from Superbrand Publishing as our Co-host
  • 8 ways to boost your lymphatic system
  • 5:43:-6:54 Kristy's Kids Corner Tip 34 - 
  • 11:40-49:30 Special guest- Karie Cassell/ Author of Domino Diet
    • “Dietitian on A Mission” Bringing back the true meaning of the word Diet—and putting the Heal back in Health. 
    • Having A Vision/Dream to focus on can help us feel incented to live healthy vs. the focus on symptoms and disease
    • Full-Spectrum Wellbeing.  A vision that encompasses Health, Wealth, Love and Purpose is a way of life

S2 Ep24: February 9th, 2024 

The Myth of the Evil Step-Parent

  • What is your lymphatic system.
  • How it affects your health and Immune system
  • 8 ways to boost your lymphatic system
  • 10:39:-12:38 Kristy's Kids Corner Tip 33 - Involve the Kids
  • 14:11-45:23 Special guest- Susan Haworth / Cambios Coaching, Stepparent Counselor
    • What are the myths associated with step families
    • What can individuals and couples do to avoid friction when forming a stepfamily?
    • What can stepparents who are having difficulty co-parenting do?
  • 45:24-48:28 Bio-Hacking Tip 50 - How to Make your Own Electrolyte Drink

S2 Ep23: February 2nd, 2024 

Special Anniversary Episode

 Tapping into Your Innate Healing Ability
  • Lessons learned over the last year from our special guests.
  • Various technologies to boost regenerative health
  • 12:32-51:37 Special guest-Shari McCants / Health & Wellness Educator
    • Latest Phototherapy technology to activate your stem cells
    • How you can you can use your body's own energy and light to start healing itself from the inside out.
    • How doctors are now incorporating this technology to help their patients and more.

S2 Ep22: January 26th, 2024 

Healing With Your Intuitive Insight

  • Barking up the Wrong Tree by Eric Barker
  • How to spend money to maximize happiness
  • 12:27-14:39 Kristy's Kids Corner Tip 32 - Pasta Swap
  • 14:40-45:37 Special Guests - Shoshanna French / Intuition Expert
    • How intuitive insight creates healing
    • Tools to activate our intuitive insight
  • 44:38-49:34 Bio-Hacking Tip 49 - Do You Need to Supplement with Vitamin D

S2 Ep21: January 19th, 2024 

Nourishing Health Through Self-Love

  • What is the Einstein Effect?
  • 7 rules for a better life
  • 12-40-14:44: Kristy's Kids Corner Tip 31 - Your Child's Not Faking
  • 14:45-46:26 Special Guests - Laura Smith Biswas /
    The Love Mandala 
    • Why is love so important to our health and well-being
    • What do you wish you knew about love if you could go back in time?
  • 46:27-48:35 Bio-Hacking Tip 48 - How to Make Lavender Syrup 

S2 Ep20: January 12th, 2024 

Shiny Object Symptom and How to Avoid It 

  • Looking to lose weight this year?
  • What is causing your carb cravings
  • Strategies to eliminate your carb cravings
  • 14:05-15:29: Kristy's Kids Corner Tip 30 - Audience participation
  • 15:30-45:58 Special Guests - Juliet Clark /
    Superbrand Publishing, best selling author, speaker and podcaster
    • What's shiny object syndrome and how it can distract your life and business
    • What is the know, like and trust factor and why you need to use it
    •  What are the 10 things you are grateful for each day and what are you manifesting?
  • 46:00-50:29 Bio-Hacking Tip 47 - Sitting is the New Smoking

S2 Ep19: January 5th, 2024 

Radically Authentic Storytelling for Lasting Impact

  • Reality exists in the mind
  • You are what your beliefs say you are
  • Positive agreements will make enough personal power available to you to break other negative agreements
  • 12:08-13:30: Kristy's Kids Corner Tip 30 - Audience participation
  • 13:31-45:20 Special Guests - Aleya Harris /
    The Spark for Your Spark, Award-Winning International Speaker, Strategic Storytelling Consultant, Podcast Host
  • 45:21-50:22 Bio-Hacking Tip 46 - Benefits of Grassfed Beef

S2 Ep18: December 29th, 2023 

Time to Make Fitness Simple Again

  • New Year Resolutions
  • The Importance of celebrating the journey towards your goals
  • What do you regret doing this year
  • What do you regret not doing this year
  • 12:06-14:03: Kristy's Kids Corner Tip 29 - New Year Intentions 
  • 14:05-44:48 Special Guests -Coach Manny Osaseri /
    Fat Burning Enthusiast&  Online Personal Trainer
    • Find an exercise that is sustainable and meaningful to you and that you enjoy
    • Exercise is all around us and does not have to be hard
    • Setup realistic goals for lifelong sustainability 
  • 46:33-49:29 Bio-Hacking Tip 45 - How to Make Elderberry Syrup 

S2 Ep17: December 22nd, 2023 

Don't Stop Dreaming

  • The importance of childhood dreams
  • What's a BHAG and why it is important
  • 13:16-44:02 Special Guests - Kristi Barney and Brittley Barney
    • Published author at 17 years old
    • What is her first book and why she wrote it
    • How the book has started her journey towards healing
    • Change your story , change your life
  • 44:03-48:15 Bio-Hacking Tip 44 - Cooking Essentials for Healthy Living 
  • 48:18-49:53: Kristy's Kids Corner Tip 28 - Happy Holidays 

S2 Ep16: December 15th, 2023 

Unlock Your Inner Freedom

  • How to build intentional relationships
  • Our predictions for 2024 and how that affects your goals and relationships
  • 13:18-14:51: Kristy's Kids Corner Tip 27 - Holidays Downtime
  • 14:53-17:22 Bio-Hacking Tip 43 - Add some Garlic to Boost Your Health
  • 19:05- 52:22 Special Guest - Julianne Ford/ Emotion Code Practitioner
    • What is Energy Healing 
    • What are the indicators you need energy healing
    •  When it comes to your health, it's important to keep an open mind in all the different healing modalities that do not require medication

S2 Ep15: December 8th, 2023 

Why You are Not Reaching Your Goals

  • What gets in your  way of reaching your goals
  • The most common reasons you fail to reach your goals
  • 12:01-13:58 Kristy's Kids Corner Tip 26 - Simplify the Holidays 
  • 14:00- 39:07 Special Guest - Kaye Griggs / K-Kaye's Cooking
    • How a routine surgery changed her life by becoming a triple amputee
    • Her journey to learn how to walk, eat and start a new career from scratch
    • The importance of not giving up your goals just because life happens

    • Finding the support of those around you to support you and your goals

  • 40:02-55:00 What are SMART goals
    • How they can fail you when you start your heath goals
    • What to do to ensure success with your smart  goals

S2 Ep14: December 1st, 2023 

From Pain to Purpose

  • What is bio-hacking and why it is important to up level your health and Longevity
  •  The different types of bio-hacking
  • Bio-hacks to start tracking for new year
  • Planning for the new year
  • 13:32-15:29 Kristy's Kids Corner Tip 25 - Would you rather- Holiday Choices
  • 15:30- 38:17 Special Guest - Hannah Abad / Mindset Peak Performance Coach
    • How to navigate your identity crisis and pain into resilience and purpose
    • How to change your pain change into purpose?

    • What choices did you have to make and actions you have to take to make that change

    • Complimentary workshop to help you move from Fear to your Desired Goal

  • 40:00- 43:32 Bio-Hacking Tip 42 - The Festive Super Fruit



S2 Ep13: November 24th, 2023 

WhyYou Fail In Achieving Your Goals

  • The Importance of moving forward when SH#T happens
  • Planning for the new year
  • 13:38-15:36 Kristy's Kids Corner Tip 24 - Thanksgiving Gratitude
  • 15:37- 39:13 Special Guest - Jennifer Keable/ Women's Success & Fulfillment Strategists
    • Why You Haven't Been Successful In Achieving Your Goals
    • Why is it that no matter how successful some people are and how many techniques they try are they not able to achieve that 1 pesky goal?
    • How then do listeners move past their limiting beliefs so that they can become the type of person who consistently works toward their goals? 
    • Learn more about Goal Setting in an upcoming complimentary workshop
  • 39:15- 41:06 Bio-Hacking Tip 41 - Mother Earth's Healing Frequencies



S2 Ep12: November 17th, 2023 

What is a Money Bugaboo

  • Sharing our experience in  Dubai
  • Choosing wisely for business collaborations
  • 11:15-12:29 Kristy's Kids Corner Tip 23 - DIY Play-do
  • 36:29- 38:59 Bio-Hacking Tip 40 - Weight Loss Disaster
  • Special Guest - Becky Claubaugh / Becky Claubaugh Coaching
    • What is a money "Bugaboo"?
    • What does it mean to have a hidden or subconscious money agenda?
    • Is it really possible to change old(unhelpful) money stories?
    • Common Money beliefs people struggle with



S2 Ep11: November 10th, 2023 

Aligned Parenting

  • Special edition episode featuring Kristy Boyd Johnson and Alysia Seymour from Barefoot Learning Club
  • Allow your children be on the path they're on
  • Releasing the pressure from everyone's "advice"
  • Loving yourself along your parenting journey
  • 11:15-12:29 Kristy's Kids Corner Tip 22 - Self Directed Reading
  • 36:29- 38:59 Bio-Hacking Tip 39 - Papaya Power

S2 Ep10: November 3rd, 2023 

What is a Business Octopus

  • What is extended intermittent fasting
  • How to start intermittent fasting
  • How to monitor if intermittent fasting is working
  • 13:05-14:48 Kristy's Kids Corner Tip 21 - Homework Resistance
  • 16:14-19:25 Bio-Hacking Tip 38 - The Power of Golden Milk
  • 19:26-41:12 Special Guest: Hope Matthews / HM Business Operational Consulting
    • What is a business octopus?
    • Why your admin personnel is your business octopus and the hu
    • What are some of the key skills that your admin octopus needs to have
  •  43:18-52:30
    • How to Resume after Intermittent Fasting

S2 Ep9: October 27th, 2023 

The Crazy New Age & Real Truths about Energy

  • What is Autophagy
  • How Autophagy clears Zombie cells
  • Glyphosate in fast food
  • Antibiotics in fast food
  • 12:48-14:54 Kristy's Kids Corner Tip 20 - Auditory Processing
  • 14:56-37:34 Special Guest: Jill Leigh / energy Healing Institute 
    • Why do you roll your eyes when people say 'Positive Vibes Only?'
    • Do you think it's possible to Raise Your Vibration by just thinking about it?
    • How do you help people who are dissociated, out of their bodies? Is that an important aspect of healing in your work?
  • 37:35-40:00 Bio-Hacking Tip 37 - Crispy Chickpeas 
  • 41:45-52:40 
    • How to get into intermittent fasting
    • What are ketones 

S2 Ep8: October 20th, 2023 

Intuition - Inner GPS to Joy, Connection, and Wellness

  • The power of Positivity
  • How positivity can improve your relationships, finances and health
  • 12:30-14:11 Kristy's Kids Corner Tip 19 - Aligned Parenting 
  • 14:12-37:44 Special Guest: Shoshanna French / Founder of Simple Spirit
    • What is Intuition?
    • How can you tell the difference between Intuition and your brain?
    •  What do you say to those who think certain spiritual beliefs are required to tap into intuition?
  • 37:45-41:10 Bio-Hacking Tip 36 - Halloween Hummus
  • 43:00-50:25 
    • Why do we find we need to make an excuse to get better when we get sick or injured
    • What is convalescence and why it is important to help heal your body for full recovery

S2 Ep7: October 13th, 2023 

The Power of Stretching

  • What stands between you and your ambitions?
  • 12:26-13:50 Kristy's Kids Corner Tip 18 - Blue Electrolytes 
  • 13:51-38:01 Special Guest: Dyquashia Vick / A Body to Dy for
    • How stretching helps with Longevity
    • Which areas are most important for daily movement
  • 38:02-41:08 Bio-Hacking Tip 35 - Sesame Street
  • 42:56-50:25 Business Outreach Guest:
    • Kaye Griggs / K-Kayes Cooking

S2 Ep6: October 6th, 2023 

Heal Your Childhood Trauma

  • What influences your child's development as they become an adult.
  • 5 tips to positively improve your child's development and behavior 
  • 13:05-15:05 Kristy's Kids Corner Tip 17 - Relax and not forcing kids
  • 15:06-37:15 Special Guest: Ilene Gottlieb, The Heart Healer
    • How to heal trauma with Ho’oponopono
  • 37:16-40:25 Bio-Hacking Tip 34 - Go get some eggs

S2 Ep5: September 29th, 2023 

Every Child Can Learn

  • You are unique and perfect exactly as you are. 

  • 7 tips to embrace your authenticity
  • 12:57-14:53 Kristy's Kids Corner Tip 16 - How to request testing
  • 14:54-39:37 Special Guest: Phyl Macomber / M.S. ATP International Education Specialist 
    • tips to help children make healthier eating choices and improve their learning.
  • 39:47-43:52 Bio-Hacking Tip 33 - The benefits of good posture

S2 Ep4: September 22nd, 2023 

Become the Most Resilient You

  • Why it's important to take time off for self-care
  • The different forms of self-care
  • 13:17-15:01 Kristy's Kids Corner Tip 16 - Kids struggling with school
  • 15:02-37:12 Special Guest: Jennifer Keable / Women's Success & Fullfillment Strategist
    • What role does self-care have in building resilience and coping with Life's challenges. 
    • What are the signs that you are neglecting self-care
  •  37:14:47-44:28 Bio-Hacking Tip 32 - Fat Soluble Vitamins KADE

S2 Ep3: September 15th, 2023 

Always be Learning

  • Self Education is as important as Formal education 
  • Finding your inspiration or why to continuously educate yourself to improve different areas in life
  • 12:16-14:12 Kristy's Kids Corner Tip 15 - How kids communicate
  • 14:15-37:02 Special Guest: Chuck Doyle /Coffee Cup Chuck
    • What are you doing for yourself
    • Why you need to be on a journey to improve yourself
  • 38:47-44:28 Bio-Hacking Tip 31How to Use Nebulized Hydrogen Peroxide to Treat Acute Upper Respiratory Infections
  • 44:29-52:00 Business Outreach Guest:
    • Dy Vick / A Body to Dy For

S2 Ep2: September 8th, 2023 

Monkeys and Anchors

  • Stop dragging that "Anchor" and get that "Monkey" off your back
  • Your Network is your Networth
  • 12:24-13:43 Kristy's Kids Corner Tip 14 - Recognizing the signs of Kid's Struggles
  • 13:44-36:53 Special Guest: Lucas Gaeth / CEO Hero
    • 3 actionable steps to make your business bulletproof - regardless of economic conditions
  • 38:38-45:22 Bio-Hacking Tip 30 - How to Make Your Own Organic Popcorn

S2 Ep1: September 1st, 2023 

Aging is a Chronic Disease

  • Is aging and getting old the same thing?
  • What if you can slow down the process of getting older, or even reverse the aging process
  • 12:14-18:24 Bio-Hacking Tip 29 - Vanilla May not Be Vanilla
  • 24:08-26:04 Kristy's Kids Corner Tip 13 - Stock your Childs backpack- Snacks
  • 27:50-50:51 Special Guest: Mark Fuselier / Fit20
    • specific forms of exercise can slow down your physical age as you get older

S1 Ep30: August 25th, 2023

Becoming the Best You 

  • Not everything in the news is real
  • Be a Free-thinker to decide what is best when it comes to living a chronically healthy life
  • 12:56-18:24 Bio-Hacking Tip 28 - The Dangers of EMF
  • 22:58-24:51 Kristy's Kids Corner Tip 12 - Stock your Childs backpack- No Liquid Glue 
  • 26:35-55:19 Special Guest: Prentice Ahmad / Mister US United 2023
    • If you believe in your potential you will achieve it
    • Networking tips that are out of the box that really works!

S1 Ep29: August 18th, 2023

Overcoming Burnout 

  • Causes of burnout 
  • Strategies to cope with burnouts
  • 11:42-13:37Kristy's Kids Corner Tip 10 - Stock your Childs backpack-Pencil Sharpeners
  • 13:40-35:46 Special Guest: Suzanne Garcia / Loving Family Coaching
    • What parents need to prepare for new school year
    • Have HOPE for a new year
      • Healthy Living
      • Organization 
      • Postive Communication
      • Enjoy your time
  • 37:38-40:43 Bio-Hacking Tip 27 - The Calming Power Herbs
  • 47:04-51:37 Business Outreach Guest:
    • Mark Fuselier / Fit20

S1 Ep28: August 11th, 2023

How to Retire Gracefully 

  • How the financial world is a mess  
  • Strategies to retire on your own terms.
  • 12:45-14:20 Kristy's Kids Corner Tip 9 - Swapping school supplies that make teachers crazy with useful ones
  • 22:49-27:43 Bio-Hacking Tip 26 - The Benefits of Glutathione
  •  27:44-50:43 Special Guest: Chi Dong / Wealthwave Certified Financial Educator
    • The importance of learning financial eduction, how money works
    • How to work with your financial advisor together to develop a retirement plan

S1 Ep27: August 4th, 2023

Learning can Be Fun

  • Sharing the symptoms of dementia
  • Strategies to lessen and reverse Dementia. 
  • 10:54-12:48 Kristy's Kids Corner Tip 8 - Stocking your Child's Backpack
  • 20:34-44:14 Special Guest: Kristy Boyd Johnson and Alysia Seymour / Barefoot Learning Club
    • How children are struggling with learning how to read
    • How they can help your child improve their reading skills and enjoy learning
  • 44:15-46:43 Bio-Hacking Tip 25 - Oil Pulling for Dental Health
  • 47:38-52:55 Business Outreach Guest: 
    • Jonathon Kurien / Wealthwave

S1 Ep26: July 28th, 2023

Higher Healing through Theta Healing

  • How foods and exercise can be causing inflammation and aging your body
  • How to measure biological age and reverse your age through stem cells
  • 11:58-13:57 Kristy's Kids Corner Tip 7 - Free Summer Fun
  • 21:45-43:40 Special Guest: Amanda Johnson / Intuitive Healer
    • How Theta Healing can help with limiting beliefs
    • Using Theta Healing to guide you on your journey towards wellness
  • 43:41-46:43 Bio-Hacking Tip 24 - Reverse hair wash for Lustrous hair
  • 48:29-54:22 Business Outreach
    • Lucas Gaeth / CEO Hero

S1 Ep25: July 21th, 2023

What is a love legacy

  • How to Improve your Relationship
  • How to improve your relationship with money
  • 10:55-12:30 Kristy's Kids Corner Tip 6 - Travel Hack 2
  • 12:31-40:07 Special Guest: Andrea Luzon / Legacy Liberator
    • How to liberate yourself to unleash your power, passion and purpose
    • What is the difference between ADHD and Neuro divergence
  • 40:08-44:18 Bio-Hacking Tip 23 - Are you eating enough organic veggies

S1 Ep24: July 14th, 2023

Mental Health is Brain Health

  • Foods Americans eat that are banned in other countries

  • The relationship between food and mood

  • 12:00-13:42 Kristy's Kids Corner Tip 5 Libraries 
  • 13:43-42:13 Special Guest: Dominika Staniewicz / Brain Coach , Elite Neuro-encoding Specialist

    • How a Brain Coach can help you to unlock your full potential in life

    •  Learn three ways  to build new neural pathways to improve brain health

  • 42:14-48:26 Bio-Hacking Tip 22 - Heathy Nightcap for the evening

S1 Ep23: July 7th, 2023

Enter the Dragon's Den

  • Why we should be going more outdoors and getting more sun exposure

  • Self defense raises your confidence in all situations

  • 10:05-12:32 Kristy's Kids Corner Tip 4 Travel Hack 1
  • 12:34-34:15 Special Guest: Professor Mark Dong / Dragon's Den Self Defense Academy

    •  Why we all should have self defense lessons now 

    •  How do you  choose what is right for you when taking self defense lessons

  • 35:56-40:24 Bio-Hacking Tip 21 - How to measure if you have metabolic Syndrome
  • 45:42-51:46 Business Outreach
    • Hope Mathews / HM Consulting

S1 Ep22: June 30th, 2023

Enlivenment - Spiritual Enlightenment

  • Boosting your focus

  • What to stock up for Natural Disasters
  • 13:24-14:42 Kristy's Kids Corner Tip 3 - Water Safety Water rings / Arm floaties
  • 14:46-36:37 Special Guest: Samantha Sweetwater / One Life Circle

    • How do we keep our sanity when the systems all around us are crumbling?

    • You're not crazy - you're evolving! Find out why connecting to your spirituality keeps you feeling sane and grounded.

  • 38:18-41:00 Bio-Hacking Tip 20- Making your own healthy emergency food

S1 Ep21: June 16th, 2023

Train Your Brain

  • Training your brain to see endless possibilities

  • How to keep your mind sharp as we age
  • 10:22-12:24 Kids Corner Tip 2- Water Safety Jumping into Pool
  • 13:48- 34:14 Special Guest: Dr Devin Young / InTouch Chiropractic
    • What is a NUCCA Chiropractic Adjustment
    • How upper neck misalignments can lead to many common health conditions 
  • 34:15-37:40 Bio-Hacking Tip 19- Supplementing with Spirulina Superfood
  •  44:21-52:22 Business Outreach
    • Levar Ellis / Floyd's Ac and Heating

S1 Ep20: June 16th, 2023

Summering with Kids

  • Best things to eat in summer

  • How to keep your kids safe during summer

  • 8:53-10:54 Kids Corner Tip 1- Water Safety
  • 10:55- 30:01 Special Guest: Suzanne Garcia / Loving Family Coaching

    • Learn how to have a successful summer with your family 

    • Shares how to Keep it REAL with your kids this summer
      • Routine
      • Engagement 
      • Activities
      • Learning
  • 30:02-34:01 Bio-Hacking Tip 18- The Importance of Probiotics
  •  42:44-50:07 Business Outreach
    • Jenny Rios / Tails and Paws Boarding

S1 Ep19: June 9th, 2023

Let Your Beliefs Guide You

  • The belief that being overweight is normal and that only exercise and diet can help you lose weight

  • What does it Mean to be a Free Thinker

  • 8:55-12:20 Bio-Hacking Tip 17 The Importance of Digestive Enzymes

  • 12:21-34:56 Special Guest: Holly Ann / Definately Holly

    • Do you feel that your life is on autopilot, that you are not in the driver's seat

    • Finding your purpose is a journey not a destination

  • 48:08-54:25 Business Outreach
    • Shon Tillman/ True Digital Marketing

S1 Ep18: June 2nd, 2023

5 Levels of Financial Freedom

  • Learn the 5 strategies for wealth building towards financial freedom

  • What the DEBT Ceiling, and why you should be concerned 

  • 9:36-14:26 Bio-Hacking Tip 16: Detoxing with Charcoal

  • 14:27-36:09 Special Guest: Amber Willingham/ Bankruptcy Lawyer

    • When and why you may need to file for bankruptcy

    • Learn how bankruptcy can save you from financial ruin


S1 Ep17: May 26th, 2023

 Your Surrounding Circle

  • Learn the 3 p's in problem solving
  • What is your DISC profile

  • 9:09-11:22 Bio-Hacking Tip 15: How to Supplement Using Tinctures

  • 11:24-32:24 Special Guest: Sheri Berger / Transition Coach
    • The importance of your surrounding circle

  • 42:47-55:50 Business Outreach
    • David Webb / PuroClean

S1 Ep16: May 19th, 2023

Optimal Health is not Normal

  • Why being normal can actually hurt your health and your finances

  • What is optimal health and why we all need it for longevity

  • 10:22-14:38 Bio-Hacking Tip 14: High Iron Levels can shorten your Longevity

  • 27:17-47:45 Special Guest: Leslie Urbas / Optimal Health & Wellness Coach
    • Learn why most diet plans fail

    • Learn the 4 pillars for optimal health


S1 Ep15: May 12th, 2023

Mentorship is the Name of the Game

  • Having the right mentor can improve your life
  • How to choose the right mentor
  • 8:34-11:02 Bio-Hacking Tip 13: How to Make a Healthy Nutty Snack
  • 20:57-43:18 Special Guest: Coach Kendrick Davis / Principles First Basketball 
    • Learning discipline in Sports
    • Learning principles that you can take from basketball to different areas of your life
  •  45:20-50:26 Business Outreach
    • Bankruptcy Lawyer : Amber Willingham

S1 Ep14: May 5th, 2023

Be Kind to Yourself

  • How Social Media can drag down or bring you up  your self esteem 
  • Learn what you are good at and always be comfortable showing your true self
  • 7:27-12:08 Bio-Hacking Tip 12: How to Boost your Lymphatic System
  • 24:06-40:18 Special Guest: Tammy Joy Lane / CEO of
    • How to conquer suicidal thoughts

    • Embrace the PMCS stategy 

  •  42:50-51:04 Business Outreach
    • Life Coach for Parents : Suzanne Garcia

  S1 Ep13: April 28th, 2023

Safety Concerns with Raising Children

  • Children are exposed to unknown toxins each day that did not exist 20-30 years ago.
  • Learn the three things that can harm your child's health and development
  • 8:35-11:32 Bio-Hacking Tip 11: Making Organic Granola Mix
  • 23:45-42:30 Special Guest: Joseph Authur / High Performance Coach
    • The challenges of being a young father

    •  Learn three strategies to boost your mental and physical health

  •  44:31-50:32 Business Outreach
    • Roof Squad : Alejandro Barrera

  S1 Ep12: April 21st, 2023

Wellness for Women Leaders

  • How stress can cause chronic health issues and shorten your lifespan
  • Three strategies to lower stress to tackle life's challenges
  • 10:28-12:41 Bio-Hacking Tip 10: Making Chia Seed Pudding
  • 23:49-41:18 Special Guest: Tracie Randolph Health / Life Coach
    • Finding time for busy women leaders to live healthier

    • Learn three strategies for busy women leaders to live a healthier and happier life

  • 42:33-49:06 Business Outreach
    • Trust Fund Family Taxes : Timothy Carter

S1 Ep11: April 7th, 2023

Financially and Physically Fit

  • Dealing with Uncertainty in an Irrational World
  • Decoding your Irrational Mind
  • 13:39-16:34 Bio-Hacking Tip 9: Making Bathsalts for Relaxation
  •  23:32-43:50 Special Sabrina Protic / Life and Financial Coach
    • How to balance your life between your health and your finances

    • Learn the 4 steps to Wealth Building

    • Get her Book "Hindsight to Insight"
  • 45:38-51:26 Business Outreach
    • Principles first Basketball : Coach Kendrick KD Davis 

S1 Ep10: March 31st, 2023

Becoming Response-able Versus Reactive 

  • Taking 100% Responsibility for your Life
  • E + R = O
  • 12:35-16:13 Bio-Hacking Tip 8: Making Organic Coconut Yogurt at Home
  • 24:56-45:02 Special Guest: Andrea Luzon / Legacy Liberator
    • How to Tell if You are Reactive or Response-able

    •  4 steps to Being Response-able

    • Free Gift - Video Course "10 Ways to Move Beyond Your Old Story"
  • 47:40-53:01 Business Outreach

    • Local Functional Nutrition Longevity Coach: Foco Research LLC / Andy  Nam



S1 Ep9: March 24th, 2023

From Healthy Goals to Healthy Homes

  • Getting paid chasing your passion
  • Ramadan and intermittent fasting
  • 11:25-15:01 Bio-Hacking Tip 7: Natural Healthy Dyes for Easter Eggs
  • 23:17-41:30 Special Guest: Michael Perez / Showroom Ready Homes
    • From passion to purpose
    • Transitioning from helping the individual to helping the community
  • 42:40-51:00 Business Outreach
    • Local Electrician: Delta Eletrical Solutions / Bryan Warren

S1 Ep8: March 17th, 2023

Wanderlust with Fairy Godmother

  • The importance of taking finances into your own hands
  • The best investment you can make in any market
  • 11:16-13:58 Bio-Hacking Tip 6: Healthier Coffee to Start your Day
  • 22:24-41:40 Special Guest: Shirley Morris / Fairy Godmother Travel
    • Why you need your own Fairy Godmother travel agent
    • How to plan your dream vacation
  • 42:45-51:00 Business Outreach
    • Local Plumber: Capital Care Plumbing /James Warren

S1 Ep7: March 10rd, 2023

Brotherhood in Arms

  • Houston Rodeo, importance of family and bad carnival food
  • How joining a community or tribe with similar interest and mindset can improve your health and longevity
  • 6:55-10:18 Bio-Hacking Tip 5: Flour for Those that May be Gluten Sensitive
  • 21:33-44:40 Special Guest Ricky Maique / F3 Katy Nantan
    • F3 - Fitness, Fellowship, Faith
    • building a community for men to share in fitness, brotherhood and challenges.
  • 45:38-52:20 Business Outreach
    • Local Realtor: ReMax / Tena Wood

S1 Ep6: March 3rd, 2023

Living in the Zone

  • People in the Blue Zones are living up to 100years and beyond
    • Things we can learn from those living in the Blue zones
    • Simple steps we can incorporate into our lives to improve our health and longevity
  • 8:32-11:57 Bio-Hacking tip 4: How Clean is your Tap Water?
  • 24:12-44:18 Special Guest: Freddy Frederick /4Everyoung Katy
    • Importance of complete diagnostic blood panels for optimal health
    • The role of testosterone in men and women
    • How hormone optimization improves health, anti-aging and longevity 
  • 45:54-51:40 Business Outreach
    • Home Renovations: Showroom Ready Homes / Eli Konieczka

S1 Ep5: Feb 25th, 2023

You are Under Attack

  • Why we feel Like Crap all the time
    • How the environment we live is causing us to be sick
    • Natural way to heal our bodies from the inside out
  • 8:46-10:57 Bio-Hacking Tip 3: Healthier Oil Swaps
  • 25:56-40:50 Special Guest : Shari McCants Health & Wellness Educator
    • Importance of Stem Cells
    • How to regenerate stem cells naturally in your body
  • 41:54-48:55 Business Outreach
    • Direct Mail advertising: City Publications Houston /Rachelle Park 

S1 Ep4: Feb 17, 2023

Unconditional Love

  • Valentines Day, Unconditional Love with Pets
  • 10:50-14:10 Bio-Hacking Tip 2: Healthier Sugar Swaps
  • 22:51-40:30 Special Guests: Tania and Jenny from Mutts and Meow Rescue 
    • What it takes to be a good fur baby parent
    • How to help with local animal rescue
  • 41:32-51:10 Business Outreach
    • Portrait Photography: Silver Artistry / David Silver

S1 Ep3: Feb 10, 2023

Having Cancer is no Joke

  • Chronic Inflammation
  • diseases it can lead to such as cancer
  • 9:09-11:28 Bio-hacking Tip 1: Healthier Salt Swaps
  • 21:34-43:13 Special Guest: Brenda Ring Wood
    • her journey finding cancer
    • what is the Becoming the Best You movement and how you can be part of it
  • 43:44-49:32 Business Outreach 
    • Health Insurance: Victory Benefits / Ashley Victory

S1 Ep2: Feb 03,2023

Emotional Well-being

  • Relationships - love, hate, and forgiveness
  • 19:40-40:20 Special Guest: Ilene Gottlieb - The Heart Healer
    • Dealing with emotions, negative self-talk, empowerment and more
  • 42:10-49:50 Business Outreach
    • Hormone Therapy: 4Ever Young / Freddy Frederick

S1 Ep1: Jan 27,2023

Healthy food for Children

  • What does it mean to live a Chronically Healthy Life?

  • What are some of the foundations needed to start living a Chronically Healthy Life

  • How foods can affect your children's behavior

  • 44:28-50:40 Business Outreach
    • House Cleaning: Ready Set Sparkle / Jenny Rios

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