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Chronically Healthy Life: Canceling our Codependency Culture S2 Ep40

#healthlifestyle #lifecoach #longevitylifestyle #marriagecoach #newlife #relationships #wellbeing Jun 14, 2024

This week on **Chronically Healthy Life**, we dive into the mystical world of luck! πŸ€

Ever notice how some folks just seem to have all the luck? Opportunities fall into their laps, and life just flows smoothly.



Well, we’ve cracked the code and are ready to spill the beans with **4 ways YOU can boost your luck** in life and business! πŸ’«

But that's not all! We're beyond thrilled to welcome back our special guest, the incredible **Samantha Kaaua**! πŸ™Œ Samantha is a Marriage Mindset Coach, TEDx speaker, author, and the brains behind The GEMMS® and the Inner Mosaic® method. She's on a mission to save 10 million marriages, and her international bestseller, "Finding Beauty in Your Broken Pieces," is turning heads and hearts everywhere.

Samantha will be shaking things up by explaining why **codependency in a relationship is overrated**. She'll also be dishing out transformative relationship tips like:
- It only takes one to transform a relationship
- Your partner isn't responsible for your feelings
- Conflict is an opportunity for deeper connection

And so much more! πŸ’ž

Whether you're looking to get luckier in life or wanting to improve your relationship with your significant other, this episode is a must-listen! Don't miss out on the laughs, insights, and game-changing advice.

🎧 Tune in now and get ready to become the luckiest (and happiest) version of yourself! ✨

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