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CHL: Biohacking tip 62 - Pomegranates: Nature's Sweet Superfood and DIY Juice Hack!

#anti-inflammatory #biohack #boostimmunesystem #fasterrecovery #healthyeating #immunesystem #longevity #longevitylifestyle #pesticides #pomegranate #superfruit #wellness May 25, 2024

 Hey biohackers! 🌟 It's Andy with this week's tip: the mighty pomegranate! These red gems are nature's glitter bomb, bursting with juicy, ruby-red seeds that are packed with antioxidants and vitamins.

  But it's not just about looks; organic pomegranates are your reliable BFFs, free from harmful pesticides like paraquat. Did you know POM juice, a popular brand, uses this toxic weedkiller? Shocking, right?

Paraquat has been linked to serious health issues like Parkinson’s and cancer, so why risk it? Make your own juice! When pomegranates are in season, go organic, knock out the kernels (pro tip: do this underwater to avoid a red juice explosion), and freeze them. Then, blend the frozen seeds for fresh, organic pomegranate juice that's healthier and tastier than store-bought.

By making your own juice, you become your health superhero, controlling what goes into your body without any sketchy chemicals. So, next time you're shopping, choose organic, get creative, and unleash the power of the pomegranate! 🍷🌱 Stay healthy, stay organic, and keep on biohacking! πŸ’ͺπŸ”¬

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